Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored allows you to explore Christianity and think through what life’s all about in your own way.  The course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters.

Bob now comes to Grace Community Church and this is his feedback from previously doing Christianity Explored:

“For many years I had major doubts about believing in God. One of my major issues was with Dinosaurs and where they featured in the master plan.  I started to attend the Christianity Explored course and found it both enjoyable and enlightening.  An important factor was not feeling threatened.  I raised my questions about Dinosaurs amongst other things and the group helped my concerns to fade.  I became more involved with the course and following Christ in faith.

“Whilst on this course my doubts persisted as I needed proof and a sign. By nature I am very impatient and once I decided I wanted to believe I wanted an immediate acknowledgement from God.  It didn’t come.  I was reminded by my wife Vicky that God’s timing is perfect and something would happen when I was ready.

“I said at the meetings that over the weeks I felt I had walked a long way on this journey, was trying to cross over a bridge and knocking on the door but nobody appeared to be in.  I was attending church regularly and on one of the Sunday sermons, the leader Mick asked about faith being tested and asked if anybody needed prayer.  I felt as if the message was to me and went up to be prayed for.  He did so but I wasn’t ready.  Over the following few weeks I was becoming more frustrated. Things weren’t happening quickly enough for me and doubts were creeping in.  I was still waiting for a sign for me to be able to commit 100% to the Lord.

“A few weeks later I again went to Mick after the sermon and said I was still having problems.  Mick and Allan (a member of the church) both prayed for me.  Allan said he could feel the Holy Spirit coming down.  I felt nothing.  He said don’t try and resist and to hold my palms up as I was praying.  I did so.  I still had doubts, and then it happened – my head started getting hotter and began to burn.  Allan was saying how he could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working as indeed I could.  My legs gave way and they both caught me.  I would never have believed it of me and I’ve previously seen such scenes on TV which I had dismissed as fake over-excitement.  I could no longer disbelieve or doubt that something special had happened to me.

“It was that day, 29th June 2014, that my life changed.”



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