We meet at

We used to meet at The Old Chapel in Upminster but we are now holding joint meetings with Havering Christian Fellowship at 2A Newmarket Way, Hornchurch, RM12 6DS.

We are a very friendly and informal church.  Refreshments will be served from 10am before the meeting starts.  Our meetings start with a worship time at 10:30am where we worship to modern worship music using guitars and percussion.  After the worship time there is teaching from the Bible to learn more about God’s heart and love for us with personal application for our lives.  During the Bible teaching there are separate groups to cater for the children and youth.  After the teaching there is a time for personal response and prayer.

The chruch is fully wheelchair accessible with disabled parking at the front of the building.


For those new to the church, please see a list of FAQs

How long will the meeting last?
We aim to start on time at 10:30am and usually the meeting will have finished between by 12:30.

Is there parking?
There is some parking on the grounds immediately behind the church building.  If that car park is full there is parking available in neighbouring side roads.  Diabled parking is available at the front of the church building in Newmarket Way Hornchurch.

What do I have to wear?
We accept people as they are whether you’re comfortable wearing trainers, jeans, shorts, T-shirts or suit and a tie.

Will I need to pay?
There is no charge for coming to the Sunday meetings.  During the meeting there will be an offering-basket passed around for regular members of the church who like to donate money for the operation and work of the church.  If you are a visitor, there is no need to contribute, so please feel free to let the offering-basket pass you by.

Will I be asked to sign-up for anything?
No, you will not be pressurised to sign-up for anything.  However, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with if you wish to. We are a friendly church so you may also be invited to various events that the church plans.

 I have a baby, will they be too much of a distraction?
We value families and babies are very welcome too.  Whatever needs you have with your baby then we will endeavour to help with that.